Suggested Supply List


Transitional Kindergarten

  1. Large Crayons- 24 pack
  2. Washable Markers- classic colors
  3. Black sharpies
  4. glue sticks
  5. Sandwich sized plastic bags
  6. Gallon sized plastic bags
  7. Black Dry Erase Markers
  8. Ream of white copy paper
  9. Box of Tissues
  10. Box of Crackers

* All supplies will be shared.


  1. 6 glue sticks (white only)
  2. 2 Three-ring binders (1 inch) with view sleeve in front
  3. 2 boxes of large crayons – not Jumbo, Crayola preferred
  4. Box of gallon plastic bags, Ziploc preferred
  5. Box of quart plastic bags or sandwich size, Ziploc preferred
  6. Box of tissues, Kleenex preferred
  7. A container of wet-wipes (for handwashing, not surface cleaning)
  8. Pkg. washable markers
  9. 4 Fine point, black dry erase markers (skinny – not fat)

*All supplies will be shared

First Grade

  1. 2 glue sticks, Elmer’s preferred
  2. #2 pencils, Ticonderoga brand preferred
  3. Box of 24 colored pencils, Crayola preferred (not erasable)
  4. Box of 24 crayons (not washable please), Crayola preferred
  5. Box of washable markers (classic colors), Crayola preferred
  6. Odorless dry erase markers (Black) – thin
  7. Large box tissue, Kleenex preferred
  8. Large container of baby wipes

*All supplies will be shared

Second Grade

  1. Box of #2 pencils, Ticonderoga brand preferred
  2. Box of colored pencils (8-12 count), Crayola preferred (non-erasable)
  3. 2 boxes of crayons (no more than 24 count), Crayola preferred
  4. 2 boxes of fat felt tip markers (8 colors)
  5. Pink erasers
  6. Pencil box (5”x8” only and labeled)
  7. Glue sticks, Elmer’s preferred
  8. Pack multicolor full size chisel tip dry erase markers (8-12 count), Expo preferred
  9. Highlighter pens, pink or yellow
  10. 2 boxes of tissues, Kleenex preferred
  11. A container/bag of hand wipes
  12. A box of large plastic bags (gallon), Ziploc preferred
  13. Ream of copy paper

ASD Classrooms

This is a list of suggested donations based on what we have used this year. Please only donate what you are comfortable gifting to our classrooms.

  1. Pack of Pencils
  2. 8-12 Glue Sticks
  3. One Pair of Child Scissors
  4. One Pink Eraser
  5. Six Dry Erase Markers (Bold or Thin)
  6. One-inch binder
  7. Pencil Pouch to go into a binder
  8. Five Plastic Folders and two pockets
  9. One Pencil Sharpener
  10. 2 Boxes of Kleenex
  11. 1 box of baby wipes
  12. Pack of Band Aids
  13. Magic Eraser
  14. Pack of 8.9 x 11, 4-inch Laminating Pouches
  15. One box of Colored Pencils

Third Grade

Please Note:  3rd graders will be using a daily planner.  PTC will provide them and requests a $6.00 donation to cover the cost of purchase. 

  1. 1 ½ inch binder with a clear sleeve front cover
  2. 3 spiral notebooks (8 ½ x 11)
  3. 2 heavy-duty pocket folders (no brads)
  4. Pkg. college ruled binder paper
  5. Small glue sticks, Elmer’s preferred
  6. 2 boxes of #2 pencils, Ticonderoga brand preferred
  7. Ruler with standard and metric measurement
  8. Box of 16 crayons, Crayola preferred
  9. Pkg. of 8-10 colored markers (thin-tipped)
  10. Red pens and brightly colored pens for correcting (not yellow)
  11. Watercolor set
  12. Black Sharpie preferred (med and thin tipped)
  13. Pencil box (maximum size 6”x9”) with the following opened items inside:
  14. Box of colored pencils (8-12)
  15. Pink erasers
  16. Highlighters
  17. Kids’ scissors
  18. Pencil sharpener (with cover)

 **All above items will need to be replenished as needed.

 For classroom use (if you can help out with any of these):

  1. Pkg of baby wipes
  2. Boxes of tissues, Kleenex preferred
  3. Pencil toppers
  4. Box of sandwich size plastic bags, Ziploc preferred
  5. Box of watercolor paper (good quality)
  6. Bandages
  7. Mr. Clean Eraser
  8. Glue Bottles, Elmer’s preferred

Fourth Grade

Please Note:  4th graders will be using a daily planner.  PTC will provide them and requests a $6.00 donation to cover the cost of purchase. 

The following items will be kept permanently in your child’s backpack. Please unwrap and organize them before the first day of school. Students will begin using these items immediately.

  1. 1½ inch clear view binder, including:
  2. 2 pocket folders
  3. 2 8½ x11” wide ruled spiral notebooks
  4. Ruler with metric and standard measurements
  5. 5 divider tabs set
  6. A pencil pouch including:
  7. Sharpened #2 pencils
  8. A pencil sharpener with cover
  9. Multi-colored highlighters
  10. A large pink eraser or pencil top erasers
  11. Bold colorful ball point correcting pens (no black or light colors)
  12. White correction tape
  13. Pencil box, including:
  14. Colored pencils (24)
  15. Scissors
  16. Box felt tip markers (thick)

 For Classroom Use – please send in a bag

  1. #2 pencils (replenish as needed)
  2. Small glue sticks (replenish as needed)
  3. Boxes of tissue, Kleenex preferred
  4. Large boxes of baby wipes
  5. Dry erase markers (black only, no odor) 
  6. Permanent markers (black only – 1 ultra-fine, 2 fine point), Sharpie preferred
  7. Box Band-Aids or quart/gallon sized baggies
  8. Set watercolors (16 colors), Crayola preferred
  9. Glue bottles, Elmer’s preferred

*If you are willing to donate a package of water color paper, we would appreciate it!

Fifth Grade

Please Note:  5th graders will be using a daily planner.  PTC will provide them and requests a $6.00 donation to cover the cost of purchase. 

  1. 1-100 count, wide ruled composition notebook
  2. Plastic pencil pouch or box                                              
  3. Large glue sticks or small (replenish as needed), Elmer’s preferred
  4. #2 pencils (replenish as needed), Ticonderoga preferred
  5. 3-8 ½ x11” ruled spiral notebooks
  6. Pencil sharpener with cover (non-electric)
  7. Blue or black ballpoint pen
  8. Set of colored pencils (24)
  9. Felt tip markers (2 black fine tip and 2 black ultra-fine tip), Sharpie preferred
  10. Pair of scissors
  11. 1 pocket folder
  12. Ruler with metric and standard measurements
  13. Multi-colored highlighters
  14. Boys-Pack of wide-ruled binder paper
  15. Packs of index cards (3×5)
  16. 1 ½ inch binder with clear front pocket (no zippers)
  17. Set of 8 dividers with tab labels
  18. Girls-Box of Band-Aids
  19. Boys – Box of zip top sandwich baggies
  20. Girls – Box of zip top quart baggies
  21. Boxes of tissue, Kleenex preferred (classroom use)

Classroom Donations:

  1. Packages of baby wipes (classroom use)
  2. Colored pencils
  3. Sharpies – skinny and thick (black and colored)
  4. Glue sticks
  5. Boxes of oil pastels
  6. Gallon size baggies
  7. Elmer’s (preferred) Glue
  8. Crayola watercolors
  9. White copy paper
  10. White cardstock