Choosing Vencil Brown


Choosing Vencil Brown

There are a lot of great things going on at Vencil Brown Elementary! If you would like to transfer to Vencil Brown, and you don’t live in the Vencil Brown attendance area, you will need to fill out an Inter or Intradistrict transfer.


Inter and Intra Transfers
The open enrollment period for Intra/Interdistrict transfers is January 4th through January 29th.

Requests from students outside of our District to come to our school will need to submit an Interdistrict Transfer.  Contact your School District of Residence to obtain an Interdistrict Transfer Request and fill out their form.

Their designee will sign and date the release and they will mail the form to the Roseville City School District. Once received by our District, it is date stamped and your child will be notified of acceptance or put onto our waiting list for the next school year.​