Parent Teacher Conferences
All K-5th attend 8:10-12:00, Nov 5th-9th


Our teachers are excited to meet with parents during conference week, November 5-9! It is always great to review how much progress our
students are making and to make sure that we’re working as partners to help our children have a successful school experience.

We thought it might be helpful to share some tips that can make the conference a little more successful:

  • Bring a list of your child’s strengths, needs and any questions you have regarding grading, progress, etc.
  • If you have something that you think will take a good deal of time to talk through, you may want to send an e-mail or a note to the teacher ahead of time to allow them time to best be prepared for the discussion.
  • If you are unclear about something that is presented at the conference, don’t be embarrassed to ask for clarification. 
  • Sometimes we can speak in “educator-ese” and not realize that we’re being confusing. 
  • End the conference on a positive note and ensure that you have a method to maintain communication throughout the year to ensure your child’s continued success.

We hope that the conference will be encouraging and that you will walk away assured and encouraged to know that your children are working with talented and caring teachers here at Vencil Brown.

Thank you for working together as partners with us in your child’s education!

The schedule for the week is as follows:
TK 9:30-11:50 All K-5th grade 8:10-12:00